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April 2 - Kilt Chaser 5K


2401 s Wilson St
Tempe, AZ 


5K Run


Done in the same model as the now-defunct Skirt Chaser 5K we enjoyed so much,  we’re going to start own our own version of the “chase.” Girls will get a 3 minute head start and the guys will chase them down all in the spirit of fun! The race will be run on the quiet Saturday streets near our Wilson St. brewery and will include time chips, event T-shirt, awards, post-race beer, a DJ and bands to follow. The party officially begins at 9am so show up early! - See more at:

Race Timing by Raceplace Events

This event is being timed by Raceplace Event Systems using the ChronoTrack system timing technology. 

For more information about this event, please visit the Red Neck Run Run website at

Timing Instructions

You must wear your "B-Tag" correctly in order to be timed. It must be clearly visible on the front of the torso. Please review these instructions.

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