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Feb 9 - Miami Marathon & Half Marathon


Miami, FL

The eyes of the world will be focused on this inspiring and exciting event - the Fitbit Miami Marathon and Half Marathon produced by Life Time. Friends, family and curious spectators will line up along miles of roadways filled with inspiring sights and sounds to cheer on the many that choose to RUN MIAMI!

Register for the experience of a lifetime! Come out and explore all the wonderful things that make Miami famous. The Fitbit Miami Marathon & Half Marathon takes you through the streets of Miami starting in the downtown area, to the scenic beaches, through the art district and back around to our lovely bay area. You won’t want to miss one of South Florida’s premier events and Miami’s only marathon!

Race Timing by Raceplace Events

This event is being timed by Raceplace Event Systems for Lifetime Fitness using the ChronoTrack system timing technology. 

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